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Preliminary Results from INTEGRIS-PSC Phase 2a Clinical Trial

Exciting news about the Pliant Therapeutics PSC clinical trial preliminary results from their global INTEGRIS-PSC Phase 2a trial for Bexotegrast.

Key findings (stated by the sponsor) include:

  • “Bexotegrast was well tolerated over 12 weeks of treatment for participants with PSC.”

  • “Bexotegrast demonstrated antifibrotic activity in a PSC population with suspected moderate to severe liver fibrosis.”

  • “Bexotegrast showed a dose-dependent trend of reduction in ALP relative to placebo.”

Phase 2 studies are designed to discover drug dosing and safety. More information from the sponsor about these positive interim results can be found at Developing Novel Treatments for Fibrotic Diseases ( and

Thank you to each of you who participated in this trial, and thanks to all of you who are active in the PSC Partners Patient Registry, PSC studies, and clinical trials! More information about this and other PSC clinical trials can be found on the PSC Patient Registry at


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