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2015. Characterization Of A Patient Driven International Registry For Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

AASLD The Liver Meeting Poster #620

Authors: Rachel Gomel, Ricky Safer, Jesse A. King, Estella M. Geraghty, Gregory T. Everson, Keith D. Lindor, Christopher L. Bowlus

Journal: AASLD Hepatology Posters (Abstracts 289–2348)Poster Sessions First published:01 October 2015


"SUMMARY Participants in the PSC Partners Registry have characteristics that are similar to those of other cohors with the exception of a lower male prevalence.

While pain and pruritis are common in PSC patients, we observed a wide spectrum of severity of these symptoms among participants in the registry.

Over 50% of participants are taking UDCA.

CONCLUSION The PSC Partners Patient Registry represents a unique resource for future research and can inform clinical trial design."

Data from PSC Partners Patient Registry

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