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Expanded Inclusion Criteria for Mirum’s VISTAS PSC Study for Pruritus Treatment

The following is a message from Mirum Pharmaceuticals regarding their VISTAS study for volixibat, a possible new treatment for PSC-related pruritus (itch). They have recently expanded their inclusion criteria for this trial to include children with PSC ages 12 and older, and people who also have autoimmune hepatitis (AIH).

If you are interested in participating, please contact the research team at this Mirum Pharmaceuticals link. They will have answers to your questions. The Registry team can answer general questions or concerns but cannot answer specific questions or screen you for eligibility.

Your participation is essential for the success of clinical trials for PSC.

Thank you!

Rachel Gomel, Director, PSC Partners Patient Registry, and the Registry Team

Together, we are creating a world where a PSC diagnosis comes with a cure.

Message from Mirum:


You may be eligible for the VISTAS PSC Study if you:

· Are 12 years of age or older

· Have a confirmed diagnosis of Large Duct or Small Duct PSC

· Are currently affected by itch caused by PSC

· Have PSC with or without AIH

Study participation will last 7~8 months with the option to continue in the long-term extension phase, where eligible participants will receive the investigational medication, volixibat for an indefinite amount of time.

The study now includes a “decentralized” option in the US where all participants can enroll in the trial from the comfort of their home: all study activities will be performed at home by health professionals and supervised by a study physician using virtual visits. Participants who prefer to participate via the traditional hospital- or clinic-based approach may continue to do so.

To learn more about the study please visit us at


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