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Proof of Concept Phase 2 Trial of IMU-838 with Early Positive Results

A proof-of-concept Phase 2 trial conducted by Mayo Clinic and sponsored by Immunic has shown very early positive results.

We hope that the early evidence gathered from 11 people will lead to a full clinical trial and prove to be promising in treating PSC.

For more information:

Press release by Immunic can be found here. listing can be found here.

Summary: Quoted from 20210218_Immunic_Inc_IMU-838_PSC_IST_Results_Presentation found on this page at

IMU-838 in PSC: Outlook: Feb/18/2021 As an Orally Available DHODH Inhibitor With a Prominent Influence on Th17 Induced Inflammatory Processes, IMU-838 is a Promising Approach for the Treatment of PSC.

  • The encouraging results regarding biochemical parameters and safety suggest that IMU-838 merits further clinical testing in PSC.

  • Immunic is in discussions with investigators and leading clinical experts to further evaluate the data set and to explore potential next steps.

  • Immunic believes that dose optimization would be needed for potential future trials, which would also require assessment of pharmacokinetics in hepatic impaired patients.

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