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Successful registry appeal garners strong support

On October 6, 2020, the PSC Partners Registry team sent out an email alert regarding a Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital nutrition study that urgently needed more participants. This appeal was sent to adult U.S. registry participants and urged all who were interested to contact the Harvard researchers to find out more.

Recipients responded in droves with emails and phone messages to the researchers – to the extent that the Harvard team had to add additional staff!

They are working hard to reply to everyone, so please be patient if you are one of those awaiting a return call or email. Dr. Josh Korzenik, lead researcher, has assured us that they will get back to everyone.

The excellent response to our appeal is exactly what we need to demonstrate to PSC researchers that our community is active, engaged, and willing to step up when called upon. Thank you for this very positive show of support!

To learn more about this nutrition study and for contact information, please visit

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